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Mar. 26th, 2008 | 11:41 pm


Someone out there has to be lonely enough to come home with me before this shit is over, because damn.


need drink.

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Nov. 29th, 2007 | 08:06 am

Don't really feel like being in public anymore.

Made an ass out of myself.

Shouldn't have ever tracked her down.

Why do all my attempts to help end like this?

Maybe I should just give up already and snort dust with Mozz.

Fuck, my balls still hurt.

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Nov. 27th, 2007 | 10:30 pm

I stole a baby.

Wasn't a very good plan in the end.

Wonder if Sihu will still want to travel with me after all this?

[ Added later: ]


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Nov. 26th, 2007 | 02:49 pm

Mozz is really down.

Definitely looking for that lil shu'halo tonight, she's always fun to talk to.

Marking off the dead on the roster - removing the MIA. Realized we had something like fifteen soldiers that haven't been heard from in a month or longer.

Probably rotting.

Arakov is hungry. Gonna go.

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Talking, talking, talking

Nov. 25th, 2007 | 09:41 am

Two new soldiers. Seem pretty good.

Mozz is depressed again. Got a package in the mail, he's been reading through it. Don't know what it is but it's making him snort like a fucking pig.

Guy is gonna die like that someday.

One of my soldiers died. Jove. Another one. Wasn't under my watch so I can't feel too bad, but still. Feel like it'd be wrong for a leader to not get that pang in his chest when one of his men dies. or women, I guess - men in the generic sense.

Trying to get back to normal. Difficult. Visited the guns today. Didn't touch them, I won't touch them, no, not with a ten foot pole, but I can look.

Can smell something, at least.

Wonder where Sihu is.

Back to work again.

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In the military doghouse

Nov. 20th, 2007 | 03:28 pm


Woah boy.

Things to do.

Feeling a little bit lost but I need to get back to work; strategies, strategies, strategies, endless - we need more plans for the field. Lucrothe wants to attack more often.

Haven't drank with him in months, should.


Not going there.

Paperwork - politics - maps - when do I get to play?

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The Usual

Nov. 2nd, 2007 | 08:21 pm

Times like these make a guy feel real subtroll.

Annoyed. Arakov is here for me. Mozz doesn't want to talk. Don't know why - mad at me, I think.

Still can't smell.

Found Wyeth's letter this morning and it hurt. I remember it. I didn't tell anyone how I felt when I heard she was dead. Don't think I will.

Sihu deserves to see it. It's one of the last things she wrote I think.

Will visit her when I can.

It's hard to recognize people by their face instead of their scent. I hope my nose gets better.

New recruits, blah blah, paperwork.

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And then comes the regret.

Oct. 25th, 2007 | 07:17 pm

I told her everything.

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Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 01:34 pm

Something is wrong with Talash.

Don't want to talk to her, but as her commander, I should.

I can already feel the anger.

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Alcohol must be considered

Oct. 17th, 2007 | 08:24 pm

Endless waves of politics, decisions that need to be made based not upon whether or not they're right, but rather upon who will react to them and how; delicate issues, things I've never been very good at. That's what my life is about these days.

I think I am going to get fantastically drunk after the meeting tonight.

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